Written by Garry Clifford, former Washington Bureau Chief, People Magazine.


It seems strange to slug this email, " Fred Dutton Remembered." Who could ever forget Fred?  

I always loved Fred.  I'm sure many women on my generation have told you how much they loved him. 

For my money, he was one of the first men I met that was ever interested in hearing what women of my generation thought.  Moreover, as a reporter, he always was good for a quote -- while we talked, he always managed to put things in context for me, so I could understand all sides of the story.  He was so intelligent. Of course you remember the JFK  '60 campaign, but did you know that while we worked in various organizations --(believe you were at "Citizens" and I was in the press at DNC--) he was held in awe?  I remember the DNC chairman holding up a picture of Adlai Stevenson---and having the Chairman announce that a "young" Fred Dutton was advising him. 

He simply managed to dazzle. He was a lovely man. All of by way of saying that I am so sad.