Fred Dutton

Fred's Media Friends



Fred and Patrick Tyler, New York Times and author, The Prime Rib, Washington, DC, November, 2004


Fred and Jack Germond, national political reporters, columnist and author. Washington, DC May 2005


Fred and Helen Thomas, White House Correspondent for UP The Prime Rib, Washington, DC, December 21, 2004


Paying Tribute to Fred at his Memorial Service

Mark Shields, The News Hour and syndicated columnist


Al Hunt, Bureau Chief, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News


Mollie Dickenson, author


Judy Woodruff, PBS's The News Hour Anchor and Cokie Roberts, ABC, NPR and writer


Haynes Johnson, Washington Post (formerly New York Times) and author

Walter Pincus, Washington Post, George Stevens, Jr., producer Kennedy Center Honors and founder of American Film Institute, James Dickenson,  Washington Evening Star


Robert Kaiser, Washington Post and author, Hannah Kaiser, John Newhouse, formerly The New Yorker and Deputy Director of ACDA and foreign policy advisor to the Clinton State Department

Adam Clymer, The New York Times


Phyllis Theroux, writer