Written to Fred's Granddaughter, Zoe Dutton


July 3, 2005


Dear Zoe,


Tomorrow we will celebrate our Declaration of Independence, and it is a good time to appreciate the contribution made by the French, and Lafayette, a true friend and a man we owe a lot.


While you were gone, I lost a dear friend, your Grandfather, Fred Dutton, who brought much joy to my life, and contributed much to my Independence.


It has been a sad week for me, but it has brought back many dear memories. For instance the trip when he included me along when President Kennedy sent him off to consult with George Kennan in Yugoslavia, and we also visited The Amalfi Coast, which I hope you will visit some day.


I look forward to sharing with you many tales of a brilliant and a great and good man who contributed much to making California and our country a better place.


Much love, and give your mother a special hug.