Fred Dutton



Fred Dutton Remembered

Cosmos Club

Washington, DC

July 14, 2005



        June 16, 1923 – June 25, 2005

           THE COSMOS CLUB

             WASHINGTON, DC

          JULY 14, 2005


“In the long run of history,

flowers are always going

to win against fences,  and

students are always going

to win against old men!”


Fred Dutton
University of California Regent
UCLA, 1969



A Song by Zoe Dutton, Granddaughter

            It’s a Wonderful World

Happy Days are Here Again

    Pianist: Dan Ruskin of the Prime Rib



Meredith Burch

       Stevenson for President Campaign, 1956

            Pat Brown for Governor, 1958

            Office of the Governor, 1959-1960

            Citizens for Kennedy-Johnson, 1960

            The White House, 1961

            US Department of State, 1962-64


Walter and Ann Pincus

            Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 1962 – 64

            Washington Bureau, Ridder Newspapers, 1963

            Friends Ever Since…


Patrick Tyler

            Washington Post, 1974 - 1990

            New York Times, 1990 - 2004


Joseph Ramsey

       United States Air Force, 1964 -1991

            One of the Three Amigos…


Christina Dutton